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Why list the copies of this mythical motorcycle

Produced in 6,920 units between 1988 and 1993, this motorcycle had the effect of a small bomb among BMW motorcycle customers, because of its very particular line, and even more because of its red and yellow dress of the first models, very unusual dress from the Bavarian manufacturer at the time.
More than 30 years later, an international community of enthusiasts has been created around this special model, and knowledge of the fleet that still exists appears necessary in order to federate their owners.

Purpose of this site

By collecting the data, in a voluntary way by their happy owners, it is a question of proposing a statistical vision of the fleet of these motorcycles still in circulation, according to all the possible criteria (month of production, mileage, color, country, ... )

How to participate

Once you have registered on the site, you will be able to enter the characteristics of your K1, if you have one, as well as access the various graphs and statistics taken from the database thus created.
Of course, the more participants there will be, the better the vision of the motorcycles still alive will be.

How to keep this information up to date

How to keep this information up to date
By definition, this fleet is bound to evolve, due to the arrival at the end of the life of certain motorcycles, or changes of owners following a sale.As naturally the first reflex of a K1 owner is not to come and update the database when he separates from his motorcycle for one reason or another, and in order to keep the data as valid as possible, an approach proactive will be carried out towards the members of the community identified, by sending an annual email asking for confirmation of the information for his motorcycle, or what has happened to it.

Likewise, it could be interesting to propose some polls about the use or the mods of our bikes (wich tyres, Eprom change,...)

Site Administration

This site is for non-commercial purposes, as such there is and will not be any advertisements or distribution of data for commercial purposes.
In addition, individual user data will be carefully kept confidential, only the email address may appear in the information displayed, provided that the user expressly agrees when registering, which he may then modify if he changes his mind.

Despite all the care taken to make the information as pleasant as possible to enter and consult, improvements to the site are always possible.

Do not hesitate to send me your reactions and proposals via the contact form.

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